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MDPracticeGuide™ provides a unique educational, animated, evidence-based e-Learning resource that meets an unmet need in practice-based medicine. MDPracticeGuide™ provides clinically important information that is relevant to the community physician and other healthcare professionals. By providing a "one-stop" educational resource, MDPracticeGuide™ seeks to overcome many barriers[1] that may inhibit adherence to and adoption of evidence-based medicine, through easily-accessible, user-friendly content that is immediately available to healthcare professionals in clinical practice 24/7.

By linking content to practical cases, animations, algorithms and slides, developed with input from experts in various fields of medicine, MDPracticeGuide™ provides a unique approach to dissemination of evidence-based medical information. Furthermore, MDPracticeGuide™ provides a unique opportunity to reinforce the key teaching points and recommendations for best-outcomes approaches, leading to effective evidence-based patient management.

MDPracticeGuide™ will cover the vast spectrum of medicine - it will be a site which links evidence-based medicine to practical solutions for everyday challenges in patient management. MDPracticeGuide™ has been researched and developed by Mechanisms in Medicine Inc. and Imedex LLC (Imedex) to address the opportunity for wider adoption of evidence-based medicine by healthcare professionals, thereby affecting behavior change among the identified target audience.[2]

Through the use of blended e-Learning tools[3] MDPracticeGuide™ will enable learners to access content in a manner that is conducive to their preferred learning style. The learner will also have the opportunity to complete learning activities that have been certified through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). Instructional design and content development will be done by Imedex, in collaboration with the animated multimedia developers, Mechanisms in Medicine Inc. and the expert author of the selected topic. Certification will be carried out by Imedex, an ACCME-accredited provider.

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