Managing Colon Cancer in the Clinical Setting

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Learning Objectives
After completing this educational activity, the learner should be better able to:

  • List the criteria for appropriate selection of patients with stage II colon cancer for adjuvant therapy and also select the most appropriate adjuvant regimens for patients with stage III colon cancer.
  • Explain the methods of post-treatment surveillance and decide which types of follow-up screening are appropriate for patients who have completed adjuvant therapy
  • Discuss the standards of care for patients with advanced colon cancer, including determining the most effective and appropriate sequences of chemotherapeutic agents and combinations
  • Compare and contrast the various first-line regimens currently available for metastatic colon cancer
  • Describe the role of targeted agents in advanced colorectal cancer
  • Determine an optimal schedule for supportive care in the management of relapsed metastatic disease
  • Identify promising new agents in the treatment of colorectal cancer
  • Discuss the role of various imaging options and biomarkers in the monitoring of patients with advanced colorectal cancer
  • Review the developing criteria for determining patient suitability for resection
  • Compare differences in treatments depending on whether the liver metastasis is resectable and understand the complications that may arise as a result of these treatments

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Target Audience
This learning activity is intended for a broad audience of healthcare practitioners, including medical oncologists, primary care physicians, family physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Release date: May 22, 2009
Expiration date: May 22, 2010

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